Phuket Real Estate Market

The Phuket real estate market is Thailands most mature resort property market. It is also the premium residential resort market for expatriates living in Asia and is now attracting ever more global buyers from further a field in search of stunning properties, exceptional locations and guaranteed privacy. Continue reading “Phuket Real Estate Market” »

Real Estate Investment

2 Simple Ways To Identify A Bargain From Your Real Estate Investment

Most people spend their time wondering when the real estate market is good to enter and purchase real estate based on some friend’s recommendations. Others are more emotional and buy real estate on their whim and fancy. Such ideas may work sometimes but are not very reliable indicators on when to enter and exit the real estate market. Continue reading “2 Simple Ways To Identify A Bargain From Your Real Estate Investment” »

house sell

12 Steps To Find The Right Home

It is quite natural that you will want to make sure you find not only the best house for your money but also the best house for you and your lifestyle. This is extremely important today because purchasing the ‘wrong’ house could actually end up costing you significantly if you decide the house just doesn’t suit your needs and you need to sell it within a short time after purchasing it. This is due to the current transition of the housing market and decline of home appreciation values. Continue reading “12 Steps To Find The Right Home” »