Ho Chi Minh homes for sale

Buying a property in Ho Chi Minh City as a foreigner: The ultimate guide

Vietnam was never opened to foreign investors before 2015. After the year the country changed its laws and welcomed corporations, tourists, expats and property buyers. All the buyers wait was over they all wanted to invest in this beautiful city. Vietnam is one of the most progressive country to invest in the real estate investments sector in Asia. The Rental yields are very high in the country specifically in the market of Vietnam but in Ho Chi Minh City real estate market you have to pay very less as USD 1,500 per square meter for getting a new apartment around the Ho Chi Minh City. Continue reading “Buying a property in Ho Chi Minh City as a foreigner: The ultimate guide” »

Property market in Bali: Top places to invest

Not only is the natural wealth, Bali also a good place for properties investment with a great prospect too. Many investor interest to invest their money on property sector. As a favourite tourist destination, certainly Bali get more attention from the Indonesia government. Therefore, Bali is one of the province in Indonesia which has a good development growth after Jakarta. There are a few things you should consider if you interest to invest on property market in Bali, because it’s not easy to choose a property for the purpose of investment, especially if you haven’t been to Bali. Do a lot of research be about the property, the location that fits with your needs, the condition of neighbourhood, and the price. Continue reading “Property market in Bali: Top places to invest” »

Villa Medicis Koh Samui

Villa Medicis, Koh Samui

Villa Medicis  is a brand new well designed high standard Thai villa specifically designed for a family or a group of friends who are looking for a private villa to enjoy their holidays together. It enjoys a stunning open view on Big Buddha Statue, Koh Phangan, and Koh Som Island. It is surrounded by luxury vegetation. Enquire for current prices or make your online booking here. Continue reading “Villa Medicis, Koh Samui” »